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2020 season update

Hi everyone. Sorry for not writing something earlier. We keep forgetting about the blog as a means of communication. We have suddenly come into a different world than the one we knew a few months ago. The covid 19 virus has changed alot of things and has impacted all of us ways we probably dont even know yet. We hope that everyone is healthy and well and are doing their best to get through these trying times. We can only hope that all of us and our freinds and families stay safe and don't get the virus.  These are very difficult times and will have a profound impact on lives for quite awhile. Things will not be going back to normal for awhile yet. So far we have been really fortunate here in Ignace as well as most of the Northwest region.

This crisis has caused major interuptions in travel plans and vacations. The travel and tourism sector is taking a major blow due to the virus. This area is really hit hard due to fact that most clientel are from the United States. Border closing and restrictions have left uncertainty with all travel plans. We are not sure what restrictions will be in place when they open borders between our countries. We are sure that some travel restrictions will probably remain in place for a while. We are getting camp somewhat ready to operate if and when travel restrictions are lifted. We would imagine there will be the need for safe gaurds for businesses and their customers before they can operate. There may need to be a few changes in how we conduct our interactions with each other. There will probably be distancing and gathering rules in place. These changes and restrictions will be announced as things open up. So far at this time, Ontario has a plan to on how reopen, but no date, and it will be in stages. Our government is taking a real cautious approach at this time.

At this time we have cancelled all of May.

Customers have been given the option to transfer any deposits to next year or be refunded. Most have moved deposits to next year. Some have left it on hold hoping that they may be able to come later this year if we have openings towards end of season. Any cancelled resevations or reservations moved to next year will be the same as before. We keep your week for you the following year unless told otherwise. So do not worry if things are messed up this year, we will do our best to work it out for next year. We will get a hold of you if this years resevation doesn't work out and try and make sure that you don't miss out on next year. Previous year reservations and rebookings take prioity.

We truly thank all of our loyal custmers and freinds that have supported this camp since we have owned it. We hope that every one stays safe and we get through this difficult time without to many scars. Lets all hope that life can get as close to normal as soon as possible. We will be keeping each and every one of you in our thoughts and look forward to seeing everyone. Please stay healthy and safe. Dont want to see anything happen to anyone. Miss you all. 

 Thank you everyone

 Russell and Dale

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