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We would like to welcome everyone back for the 2023 season. The past few years have really been a struggle in the tourist industry as well in the everyday life. We would like to thank everyone for adapting to the situation. The past couple of years has really changed how and where people travel. The exploding cost of living is also having an effect on travel and on business. We have always tried to keep our rates and increases to a reasonable level. We will be increasing rates across the board this year. We hope that this will not impact travel plans or create hardships. The increase is necessary to keep up with our costs and to try and make improvements. Our comittment to customer satifaction will remain the same and we will always do what we can to make this an affordable vacation destination. We look forward to seeing everyone that has been able to come the past couple years. Please check the govrenment website at  for any future updates on travel restrictions or items.

   Russell and Dale

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